Certified Pastoral Educator (CPE) Program Manager- Pastoral Care

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Job Description

1.0 FTE: CPE Program Manager: Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of religious, psychological responses and pastoral conversation, as well as clinical learning theory; general working knowledge of medical terminology in order to communicate effectively with staff and physicians concerning patient needs.Demonstrates knowledge of management theory and practice to provide leadership and direction to student and volunteer staff, as well as monitor activities. Requires in-depth analytical and organizational skills necessary to develop, manage and evaluate the CPE program in ways that are supportive to the needs of staff, patients, families and community consistent with hospital philosophy, goals and objectives.

Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer, develops, implements, and evaluates a Clinical Pastoral Education program accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education; serves as the primary Certified ACPE Educator on staff.


Minimal Acceptable Job Qualifications:



Licensure:  Ordination by an established faith group or denomination and endorsement for specialized ministry.



Experience:  Two to three years pastoral care experience in a healthcare facility



Education:   Master of Divinity Degree or equivalent advanced theological degree.



Registration/Certification: ACPE Certified or Associate Certified Educator  in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE); Board certification in  APC, NACC or NAJC not required but a plus.        


Equal Opportunity Employer



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