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Job Description

Under the direction of the Market CEO or designee; the Director of Clinical Outreach will engage with the entire market to assist with the development of a comprehensive clinical outreach service line. The role will entail working closely with the local hospital leadership teams, local marketing teams, employed and unaffiliated physician practices and ancillary services to grow key service lines, volume metrics, and enhance opportunities to align clinical collaboration with non-affiliated systems of patient care. Knowledge of the operations of an acute care facility, with particular emphasis on business development and relationship building.

  • Knowledge of relevant metrics used to identify local growth opportunities.
  • Knowledge of clinical quality, clinical governance organizations and evidence based medicine trends
  • Knowledge of necessities and preferences of Physicians and Clinicians in the acute-care setting
  • Knowledge of medical terminology with a thorough understanding of  high-yield surgical procedures
  • Knowledge of how to interconnect facility stakeholders with non-CHS hospital leadership clinical providers
  • Knowledge of Medical legal and compliance standards like EMTALA, Anti-Kickback and Starke Law
  • Knowledge of basic hospital financial / healthcare profit and loss terminology (i.e. EBITA, Margin, Case Mix)
    Travel Requirements: Up to 75% for market deployment and support efforts
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