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Job Description

Under supervision of the Laboratory Director performs waived, moderate and high complexity testing according to established policies and procedures. The Medical Laboratory Technologist refers any questionable or abnormal test results to the Pathologist and notifies the appropriate personnel for immediate action.


Score   Function


____    1. Patient Assessment/Reassessment

  1. Conducts waived, moderate and high complexity testing in Hematology, Clinical

Chemistry, Serology, Microbiology, Urinalysis and Blood Bank according to established procedures.

  1. Responsible for reporting accurate test results by maintaining valid quality control


  1. Notify Director when a particular instrument or procedure is not performing to avoid extended downtime.


_____  2. Care of Patient


  1. Perform venipuncture and capillary punctures on the patient per physician order, in consideration of the individual patient situation.
  2. Perform arterial punctures per physician order, in consideration of the individual patient


  1. Directs Diagnostic Assistants to the patient care area that needs the most immediate

attention, i.e. Stats, now, timed, etc.


_____  3. Management of Information


  1. As needed, logs incoming specimens into laboratory information system.
  2. Ensures proper and complete labeling of all specimens to include patient name, date/time

collected and collector initials.

  1. Releases results in the laboratory information system within established turnaround times.
  2. Able to print reports and send demand faxes upon nursing and/or physician requests.
  3. Responsible for reviewing computer-generated reports to assure test completion of received specimens.
  4. As needed, perform order entry processing of outpatients per established procedures.
  5. The associate will hold in confidence any and all patient information

communicated or stored using any medium including oral communication.  In

         addition, the associate will seek to protect patient information from inadvertent

                      use or disclosure by adhering to hospital and Triad Blue Book policies.


_____  4.   Pain Management


  1. When preparing to perform venipuncture or arterial punctures, educate the patient on

procedure and complete procedure in as painless manner as possible, assessing the pain

tolerance especially in difficult collections.


_____ 5.   Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


  1. Has completed annual CPR HeartSaver training


_____  6.  Patient Safety


  1.      Upon confirmation of patient identification by verbal request and armband confirmation.
  2. Notifies physician or appropriate nursing personnel when critical values are obtained.
  3. Document in LIS accordingly, noting name/initials of receiver, time and caller’s name/initials.
  4. Performs routine maintenance on instrumentation per manufacturer recommendations, to

avoid downtime and threaten established turnaround times.

  1. Observes established procedures for equipment safety and infection control.
  2. Knowledgable about latex allergy precautions and documents in outpatient chart.


_____  7.  Patient/Family Education


  1. Explains procedures to patient and family, with patient permission, in an effective manner, as needed in conjunction with nursing personnel.


_____  8.  Patient’s Rights/Abuse


  1. Abides by policies governing patient rights and responsibilities.
  2. Notifies nursing personnel if suspected signs and symptoms of child, spouse and elder

abuse present.      


_____   9.     Demonstrates age appropriate competency skills and knowledge, displays ability to

                     perform skills specific to patient population identified in department specific skill list:


                                    (Mark age specific of patients served in department)


____infant  ____ child ____adolescent ____adult ____geriatric


_____  10.   Assists in orienting new technical and non-technical employees, student interns.


  1. Assists in orienting and training new technical employees and student interns.
  2. Responsible for knowing the lifting requirements of the job, requesting assistance

                   when appropriate.

  1. Contributes to Performance Improvement activities at Kosciusko Community


  1. Maintains knowledge of current trend and developments in the field by reading

    appropriate literature and when able to attend related seminars and educational  sessions.





  1. Performs other duties as assigned and/or required.




Education and Formal Training Required:


  1. Must be a high school graduate with an Associate Degree in an accredited Medical Laboratory Technician program.
  2. Completion of an 6 month internship in an accredited hospital program.
  3. Eligible for or has passed MLT certification registry exam from an accredited agency, i.e.





  1. Exposure to blood and body fluids:  Exposure Control Level I
  2. Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Able to distinguish all colors and gradations of such.
  4. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds utilizing proper back safety precautions.
  5. Able to be on call if the need arises, and respond within a reasonable time frame.
  6. Exposure to toxic fumes and/or caustic agents such as acids, bases, or flammable


  1. Completed CPR certification for Heartsaver.


Experience Required:


One year experience preferred, but not required.


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