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Job Description

Under general supervision and according to established policies and procedures, is responsible for assisting the nursing staff in delivering direct patient care on the Medical Surgical Unit. Duties include obtaining vitals signs, maintaining patient hygiene, ambulation of patients, passing and feeding patients, and keeping the patient environment clean and safe. Maintains strict HIPPA standards for confidentiality for all forms of communication. Assist the Unit Secretary in assembling and disassembling medical records. Answers telephone and intercom calls, relays calls and messages


Management of Information

  1. _____ Demonstrates proficiency of policies and procedures related to patient medical records.
  1. Adheres to KCH IS Security and HIPPA policies. Will hold in confidence any and all patient

information communicated or stored using any medium including oral communication.  The associate will seek to protect patient information from inadvertent use or disclosure by adhering to hospital policies.

  1. Assembles appropriate patient charts for newly admitted inpatients and observation patients.
  2. Assists Unit Secretary by filing patient reports on the medical record. Initials form prior to placing results in chart to demonstrate accountability for accuracy of filing forms.
  3. Disassembles and routes patient charts to appropriate department upon discharge, transfer, expiration or as requested. Scans charts for incorrect forms.


2._____ Assists with the admission process

  1. Assures readiness of room including patient items and gown.
  2. Zeros bed and turns linens down. Checks to make sure bed plugged in and all electronics in working condition.
  3. Greats and welcomes patients upon admission.
  4. Assures patient has correct information on identification band.
  5. Orients patient and family to room and instructs them on use of call light.



3._____ Demonstrate proficiency in Patient Care Tech skills.

  1. Accurately takes and records patient’s vitals signs: temperature, respirations, pulse, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and blood glucose monitoring. Able to apply telemetry monitor and obtain 12-lead EKG.
  2. Able to obtain intake and output and record on the graphic record.
  3. Obtain daily weight and record.
  4. Delivers direct patient care including hygiene, bathing, bed making, ambulation, passing food trays and assisting with feeding. Maintains skin integrity.
  5. Performs foley care as directed by a nurse. May discontinue foley catheter upon direction of the nurse.
  6. Follows hospital policy when obtaining and labeling specimens in front of patient using two patient identifiers.
  7. Is responsible for the toileting needs of the patient.
  8. Assists with patient ambulation
  9. Demonstrates proficiency with barcode system to assure charges are assigned.


  1. _____ Demonstrates proficiency in assuring patient safety.
  1. Adhere to National Safety Standards.
  2. Records all critical values/test results according to facility policy.
  3. Attempts alternative mechanisms to prevent using restraints.
  4. Correctly prepares proper ID for parents and/or guardians of minors.
  5. Monitors for battery problems and lead failure on telemetry monitors.
  6. Utilizes fall precautions and sets bed and chair alarms.
  7. Monitors for emergency and bathroom alarms.
  8. Assures all patients are issued nonskid socks.
  9. Applies learning from sentinel event alerts and root cause analyses.
  10. Adheres to Universal Protocol.


Communication with Health Care Team


  1. _____ Demonstrates proficiency in facilitating timely communication linkages between health care team

    members to assure quality patient care.

  1. Reports to nursing staff of any changes or abnormal vital signs and glucose monitoring results.
  2. Communicates patient concerns to nursing staff.
  3. Notifies nurse manager of any customer satisfaction issues.
  4. Reports any potential skin problems to nurse.
  5. Communicates with various hospital personal and departments to help provide continuity of care.
  6. Reports off to oncoming shift using a standard approach to hand-off communication, including opportunity to ask and respond to questions.
  7. Writes legibly.


  1. _____ Demonstrates proficiency with use of various electronic communication methods to support patient

   care.  Minimizes batch paging on patient intercom striving to provide a quiet environment while

    expediting communications.

  1. Demonstrates customer service standards for telephone etiquette.
  2. Sends and receives fax communication between departments and health care providers.
  3. Maximizes use of portable telephone system.
  4. Demonstrates proficiency in paging physicians, etc.
  5. _____ Assists nursing staff with discharge process to facilitate timely room turnover, and maintenance

    of facility.

  1. Notifies housekeeping of patient discharges.
  2. Strips bedding and discards left over patient items.
  3. Notifies plant operations of need for equipment and or facility maintenance or repair.
  4. Notifies Biomed of electronic equipment repairs needs.


Communication with Patient/Visitors

  1. _____ Demonstrates excellent communication skills maintaining a calm reassuring demeanor at all times.
  2. Participates in the Customer Satisfaction program, maintaining the 10 standards of behavior in the Culture Handbook. Greets and directs patients and visitors.
  3. Responds verbally to patient intercom calls and promptly directs appropriate caregiver to a speedy response.
  4. Responds personally to bedside assistance calls.
  5. Educates patient and family on hourly rounding.


  1. _____ Population Specific Needs
  2. Adult/Geriatric Population
  3.   Considers age and cultural differences when assessing, planning and evaluating care
  4.   Assesses the patient as an adult
  • Addresses the patient as an adult (not in a child like manner)
  • Establishes effective communication with the patient by using questions with “Yes” or “No” answers and using a communication board.
  • Assists patient to move with consideration for comfort and safety.
  1. Pediatric Population
  • Consider age and cultural differences when delivering care.
  • Safety Education Packets distributed
  • Secures hazards when not in attendance: e. g. crib rails up
  • Choose age appropriate equipment for care and treatment
  • Use age appropriate terminology
  1. Psychiatric Population with Acute Care Needs
  • Follows risk assessment plan of care implemented by patient’s nurse appropriate to population
  • Follows Standard Suicide Risk Assessment plan of care implemented by patient’s nurse
  1. _____ Demonstrates age appropriate competency skills and knowledge, displays ability to perform skills

      specific to patient population identified in unit specific skill list:

_____ Infant   _____ Child    _____ Adolescent       _____ Adult    _____ Geriatric


(Mark age specific pf patients served in alternative units assigned)


_____ Infant   _____ Child    _____ Adolescent       _____ Adult    _____ Geriatric

  1. Assist with census balancing, and observation charts as directed by the Unit Manager or Shift Leader.
  2. May be reassigned to other units for facilitate patient care.



Perform other duties as assigned.


Education and Formal Training Required:

High School Graduate or the equival

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