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Job Description

Under the direction of the CP manager and physicians, and in accordance with established policies and procedures, administers prescribed doses of medical gases and aerosolized medications to patients with respiratory dysfunction. In doing so, set up equipment to patients and utilizes the equipment in administering therapy and treatment according to established modalities. Performs non invasive cardio-diagnostic test such as ECG and treadmills. Obtains specimens from patients to include sputum as well as arterial gases. Maintains disposable supplies in a well stocked, clean environment. Documents all activities in accordance with state and national guidelines. Assesses patient on an ongoing basis for the need for respiratory care.





1.      Patient Assessment/Reassessment 

a.  AssessRESPT185777es patient’s condition based upon observation and/or interview of patient, physicians’ diagnosis, laboratory findings and any other pertinent information.

b.  Contributes to care plans, and provides guidance and demonstrates appropriate methods, as necessary, to correct deviations from established standards.

c.  Evaluates patient’s response to respiratory care and modifies or revises treatment plans, and/or contacts physicians as circumstances require.

d.  Considers age and cultural differences when assessing, planning and evaluating care. 


2.      Care of Patient

a.  Accurately administers medications according to the 5 rights of medication administration and in accordance with KCH policy.

b.  Renders professional care including administering medications, and various lung expansion and secretion control therapies.

c.    Understands the pharmacology and recognizes the side effects of medications            administered.

  1. Performs both complex and routine treatments as prescribed by physicians or as warranted by patient’s condition.
  2. Performs oral and ETT suctioning and airway clearance according to policy and procedure.
  3. Performs diagnostic testing procedures to include:  12 lead ECG, cardiac stress tests, pulmonary function testing, holter monitors.
  4. Transports, handles, and administers oxygen.
  5. Assists EMS personnel in emergency transfers of unstable patients to other health care facilities as needed.



3.      Management of Information

a.    Observes patient and collects data.

  1. Documents observations in the patient’s record according to KCH policy/procedure.
  2. Adheres to KCH IS Security and HIPAA policies.  Will hold in confidence any and all patient information communicated or stored using any medium including oral communication.  The associate will seek to protect patient information from inadvertent use or disclosure by adhering to hospital and Triad Blue Book policies.

d.      Contributes to the collection and evaluation of data for Quality Review Program.

e.       Communicates with other hospital departments, as necessary, in order to resolve operational problems and make the most effective use of hospital resources in delivery quality patient care.

f.       Provides documentation to support accurate billing and coding.

g.       Provides accurate patient charges.


4.      Pain Management

a.  Assesses and reassess for pain while considering religious and cultural beliefs.

b.  Provides interventions and documents according to KCH policy.


5.      Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

a.   Initiates code response and provides emergency resuscitative measures and demonstrates proper use of equipment during resuscitation efforts.

b.      Documents events of code according to KCH policy

c.       Has completed CPR annual training.


6.      Patient Safety

a.  Implements procedures for security, equipment safety and infection control.

b.      Identifies, reports and manages actual and potential risks to patient safety.

c.       Applies learning from sentinel event alerts and root cause analyses.


7.      Patient/Family Education

a.  Assesses learning needs, identifies barriers to learning, cultural differences and uses appropriate teaching methods.

b.      Instructs patients and family members regarding treatments, surgical procedures, care plan and so forth in order to allay apprehensions; explains home care methods and techniques necessary for continuing patient care and rehabilitation.

c.       Documents patient/family education appropriately.


8.      Patient’s Rights/Abuse

a.  Abides by policies governing patient rights and responsibilities.

b.      Can list signs and symptoms of child, spouse and elder abuse.

c.       Documents witnesses or suspected abuse and notifies appropriate authority according to KCH policy.


9.      Restraint Use

a.  Assesses need for restraint and attempts alternative mechanisms.

  1. Applies restraint appropriately
  2. Documents assessment according to hospital policy.



10. Demonstrates age appropriate competency skills and knowledge, displays 

      ability to perform skills specific to patient population identified in unit                 specific skill list:

      (Mark age specific of patients served in assigned unit)


      _____infant           _____child  _____adolescent  _____adult  _____geriatric


       (Mark age specific of patients served in alternative units assigned)


      _____infant  _____child  _____adolescent  _____adult  _____geriatric



11. Assists in orienting and training new personnel, and serves as a resource person for department

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