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Job Description

Under the direction of the Laboratory Director and in accordance with established policies and procedures, collects venipuncture and capillary specimens; performs non-complex laboratory procedures and has a general knowledge of how to operate the Hospital Information System in order to interpret and follow through physician orders accurately. The associate will meet Code of Conduct standards.



Score   Function


____   1.   Specimen Handling/Testing


  1. Performance of Laboratory Testing: Conducts waived and moderate complexity clinical laboratory tests, which are reviewed and released by a MT or MLT.
  • Waived Kit testing, urinalysis macroscopic, ESR set-up, culture set-up, ABG sampling
  1. Keeps an accurate and valid account of quality control/assurance measures, i.e.

performance of internal quality control test features.

  1. Demonstrates ability to prioritize assignments and utilize good communication techniques to maximize workflow


____   2.  Care of Patient


  1. Performs venipuncture procedure on patients per physician order, in consideration of the individual patient situation.
  2. Upon approval of the Medical Director or his/her designee, performs arterial punctures on patients ten years or older.


____   3.   Management of Information


  1. Responsible for efficiently operating HIS/LIS in order to perform order entry and

obtains requisitions for collection needs.

  1. Responsible for efficient handling and preparation of collected specimens to be

tested within the department or sent to reference laboratory, including

accessioning and centrifugation.

  1. The associate will hold in confidence any and all patient information

             communicated or stored using any medium including oral communication.  In

             addition, the associate will seek to protect patient information from inadvertent

                          use or disclosure by adhering to hospital policies.

  1. Performs copying, filing, charting and faxing of all diagnostic testing as instructed

       by MT or MLT, ensuring proper patient data is sent to appropriate locations.





_____  4.   Customer Service


  1. Treats customers as most important part of job.
  2. Takes action to appropriately and successfully address issues; effectively communicates with customers
  3. Demonstrates respect for diverse cultures of all patients, families, and co-workers
  4. Honors the CHS Customer Service Standards and the Employee Commitment Contract
  5. Completes and documents hourly rounding as applicable
  6. Demonstrates AIDET hard-wiring
  7. Abides by department and hospital’s vision and mission statements


_____5.    Demonstrates ability to care for population specific needs


  1. Adult patients with limited verbal ability and/or multiple physical disabilities.
  • Addresses the patient as an adult (not in a child like manner)
  • Establishes effective communication with the patient by using questions with “Yes” or “No” answers and/or using a communication board.
  1. Pediatric population
  • Addresses the needs of both the patient and caregiver.
  • Assist and provides age appropriate meals.
  1. Psychiatric patients with acute care needs.
  • Secures all laboratory equipment when not in attendance, only taking needed  supplies to bedside.
  1. Demonstrates age appropriate competency skills and knowledge, displays ability to perform skills specific to patient population identified in unit specific skill list:

                  (Mark age specific of patients served in assigned unit):

            ___infant     ___ child     ___ adolescent     ___ adult     ___ geriatric


_____  6.   Patient Safety


  1. Identify patient by verbal request and confirmation by checking armband and labels.
  2.       Ensures appropriate bedside labeling occurs of all specimens collected.


_____   7.   Patient/Family Education


  1. Explains treatment procedures to patients and/or family, at patient’s permission, in an effective manner, gathering and exchanging patient related information from physicians and other hospital personnel where appropriate.
  2. Communicates by recognizing learning barriers and cultural differences.
  3. Pain Management - When preparing to perform venipuncture or arterial collections, educate the patient regarding pending procedure and complete the procedure in as painless manner as possible; assessing the pain tolerance of the patient, especially in difficult collections.


_____  8.    Infection Control


  1. Adhere to hand hygiene rules/regulations.
  2. Uses appropriate aseptic technique when drawing blood.
  3. Handles specimens appropriately without contaminating the specimen.
  4. Abides by appropriate isolation precautions when required upon entering patient’s         

                        rooms who are in various types of isolation.


_____ 9.    Communication


  1. Calls panic test results to physician or nursing units within time frame allotted.
  2. Contributes to Performance Improvement activities at Kosciusko Community Hospital.
  3. Attends department meetings and is responsible for keeping up with changes in the department.


_____ 10.   Maintain, clean and adequately stock all collection trays or related areas. 

Put away stock as needed including proper storage, rotation and following reagent labeling         protocol.


  1. Responsible for knowing the lifting requirement of the job, and requesting assistance

                 when appropriate.           




  1. Must have basic PC skills including: typing, word processing and following menu-driven training programs.


  1. Performs other duties as assigned and/or required.




Education and Formal Training Required:


Must be a high school graduate, or have the ability to read in order to verify patient information and physician’s orders, to write in order to document information and maintain records and logs.


Must qualify as Testing Personnel under CLIA regulations if moderate complexity testing will be performed.


Experience Required:


Prior phlebotomy experience is preferred, but not required.




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