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Job Description

Cardiac Telemetry 5A - Student Apprentice - PRN The hospitals of Lutheran Health Network are proud to offer a student nurse advancement program that provides nursing students with a sample of ‘real world’ nursing experiences. Within each step of the program, students will work side by side with experienced RNs to gain a deeper understanding of the nurse’s role in the hospital setting. Our student nurse advancement program is designed to prepare nursing students for their first year as an RN and ease their transition from student to practicing RN.

We currently offer the following roles to support the student’s progression during their nursing school journey:

Patient Care Assistant (PCA) 

  • Entry level for anyone interested in healthcare. PCAs assist the nursing team with basic care needs of our patients. The PCA attends to primary patient needs and is a great way for anyone considering nursing as a profession to get a front-row view of what a nurse does on a daily basis.

Student Apprentice

  • The student apprentice is currently enrolled in a nursing program (and in good standing), but not yet qualified for the next level of the program. The student apprentice works primarily as a patient care assistant, but with an expectation that they are using the opportunity to also watch and learn from the nurses they work closely with.

Student Intern - The student intern is in their final year of nursing school and within 1 year of graduation. Must be in good standing and successfully complete the approved clinical nursing courses (i.e. Med/Surg 1or equivalent and Pharmacology). Transcripts of those classes must be provided. The student intern must also pass the LHN medication exam as proctored by the clinical education department prior to any medication administration. This role will provide the student with up to 12 hours per week of paid training. (Additional hours are available if interested in working more than 12 hours per week.) The student intern works under the direction of an RN and has an opportunity to begin to put into practice much of the knowledge and training they are receiving as a nursing student.

Graduate Intern

  • The graduate intern has graduated from an accredited nursing program in good standing. Must pass boards within 120 days (4 months) from graduation date.  The graduate intern, much like a student intern, works under the direction of a RN, but is able to begin orienting to their anticipated nursing role.


  • Upon graduation and passing of NCLEX support for the new nurse will continue through our service line specific fellowship programs and Nurse Residency program. 

JOB SUMMARY- Student Apprentice:

  • Under the supervision of a unit Supervisor and the direct clinical leadership of a registered nurse, performs basic patient care procedures, clerical and reception services to support the unit health care team.



  • None required


  • No specific experience is required. 
  • Lutheran will provide a formalized training class; successful completion is required in order to continue employment.
  • Additional orientation specific to unit responsibilities may also be provided.


  • High school diploma or its equivalent (GED)*
  • Currently enrolled (and in good standing) in a nursing program
  • Successful completion of unit required education classes (ie: Intro in EKG, etc.) Completed in first 30 days of date in position.


  • CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) within three (3) months of hire


Equal Opportunity Employer

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