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Job Description

We know it’s not just about finding a job. It’s about finding a place where you are respected, valued and where your work is purposeful and fulfilling. A place where your talent is recognized, professional development is encouraged and career advancement is possible.

At North Okaloosa Medical Center, we believe in providing convenient care in a comfortable setting. With the help of more than 600 employees, 150 physicians on staff and more than $12 million of recent capital upgrades and renovations, we have created a caring place where clinical expertise and advanced technology blend seamlessly with sincerity and compassion. 

We pride ourselves on our unique dedication to the community hospital experience. While we believe it’s vital to stay up to date with technology, we will never lose sight of what’s truly important – the human interaction that is crucial to providing quality care. 

Our goal is to anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of our patients and their families, ALWAYS. North Okaloosa Medical Center stands ready to meet the healthcare needs of the region. We are very proud of the services we provide and it is our goal to make you proud to choose North Okaloosa Medical Center.

Position Purpose:

Assists Pharmacy Director in providing high quality pharmaceutical services that foster safety and cost effectiveness of drug use through innovation, teamwork, and operational excellence. 

The provision and scope of services

Serve as a resource to the organization in all areas pertaining to the scope of pharmacy services and provide the delivery of high quality pharmaceutical care. Strives to meet goals of pharmacy, hospital and medicine through teamwork and innovation.  Supervises technicians in pursuit of operational excellence.


Providing pharmaceutical service that complies with all federal and state laws governing pharmacy in the State of Florida.


Prepares & authenticates written orders for medications and laboratory tests when authorized by a licensed independent practitioner, current policy or law.


Accurately and promptly dispenses and compounds medication from approved practitioners orders.


Assures only practitioners approved by the medical staff administer medications.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitors and evaluates patients’ drug therapy for efficacy and safety.

Consults with nursing and medical staff regarding medication and other orders when deemed necessary.

Reports patient adverse medication reactions (ADRs) and complaints to appropriate clinical and administrative staff, and assists in the evaluation and treatment of these events when requested. Participates in the drug utilization review process, and prepares drug review criteria for medical staff approval as directed by the DOP.

Participates in the pharmacy/nursing quality assurance programs.

Participate in Staff development

With the support of the leaders of the organization, participates in the development of competent staff. Confirm through the initial assessment and training plan that a new employee possesses the necessary experience, education and abilities to perform competently.

Assessing, maintaining and improving staff competence

Helps evaluate staff members continuing abilities to perform and carry out the expectations of the pharmacy, throughout their employment through ongoing quality assurance programs and annual competence assessment.

Promoting Self-development and learning

With the support of the leaders of the organization, create a culture which fosters staff-development and continued learning/education.

Administering the Pharmacy Policies and Procedure Manual

Interpret, administer and monitor compliance of all aspects of the organization’s medication administration and pharmacy policies and procedures.

Overseeing medication administration to address drug expense

Participates in the pharmacy intervention program to improve drug utilization.

Providing leadership development and continuous improvement

Serve as an example of the organization’s leadership training program, identify education needs to enhance the performance capability, growth and development of its pharmacist and certified technicians. 

Reports to the Director of Pharmacy.

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