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Job Description

A sleep technologist works under the general supervision of the medical director or designee to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders including in center and home sleep apnea testing, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, comprehensive patient care and direct patient education.  A sleep technologist is credentialed in sleep technology and is able to provide oversight of other sleep center staff.  Technicians and trainees work under the direct supervision of the credentialed sleep technologist managers or the medical director. The Associate is expected to work within the established standards of practice, regulatory agency requirements, applicable laws or regulations, The Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies.


Successful completion of an accredited educational program leading to a certificate or associate degree with an emphasis in sleep technology.


Successful completion of a sleep technology program associated with a state licensed and/or a nationally accredited educational facility or equivalent experience and documented proficiency for all competencies required of a sleep technician.


Certification by a nationally recognized certification board and holds either the Registered Sleep Technologist (RST), Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT), or Sleep Disorders Specialist (SDS) credential.


  • Certification by a nationally recognized certification board and holds either the Registered Sleep Technologist (RST), Registered Polysomnography Technologist (RPSGT), or Sleep Disorders Specialist (SDS) Credential.
  • Certification will be obtained within 6 months of hire date and/or eligibility. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
  • Requires certification in Basic Life Support. Certification must be maintained according to the department policy and procedures.

Specific duties and responsibilities can include:

  • Collect, analyze and integrate patient information in order to identify and meet the patient-specific needs (physical/mental limitations, current emotional/physiological status regarding the testing procedure, pertinent medical/social history).
  • Determine final testing parameters/procedures in conjunction with the ordering physician or clinical director and laboratory protocols.
  • Provides standard and specialized sleep services in accordance with physician's written orders and Sleep Laboratory policies and protocols.
  • Adapts teaching and explanation of testing to the educational level and cognition state of each patient to promote maximum understanding.
  • Understands and cleans equipment according to manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.
  • Performs sleep study procedures in accordance to departmental policies and procedures.
  • Performs Scoring of sleep/wake stages by applying professionally accepted guidelines.
  • Performs Scoring of clinical events using AASM standards.
  • Assess the patient in a systematic, organized manner.
  • Educates patient and family on disease processes and make appropriate documentation.
  • Prepares and maintains patient and departmental records.
  • Practices Universal precautions and isolation techniques.
  • Accurately communicates patient information and thoroughly documents all actions.
  • Listens and acknowledges patients/families knowledge of self and engages their participation in care
  • Observes and reports changes of patient condition to MD or other related member of health care team.
  • Maintains a clean, safe, and economical patient environment and work environment.
  • Abide by hospital and departmental policies.
  • Pass minimum score on department specific competencies and protocols. Demonstrate minimum skill proficiency in sleep care procedures as outlined in the Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Establishes and maintains a positive and effective working environment and work relationships with other medical team members, patients, and patient's family member.
  • Seek educational resources and create learning experiences to enhance and maintain current knowledge and skills for his or her continuing competence in Sleep Technology and individual professional growth.
  • Communicates information appropriately with Medical Staff and other members of the health care team to promote continuity of care and attainment of patient expected outcomes.
  • Acting as patient advocate.
  • Communicates effectively with the Manager and Director to ensure that problems or opportunities to improve unit activities are addressed.
  • Consistently provides outstanding service to all patients, physicians, fellow employees, and guests as appropriate to position.
  • Actively participates in department committees and group meetings with a focus on providing input to improve the quality of services.
  • Consistently demonstrates behavior which reflects that working as a team is more important than self-interest.
  • Protects confidentiality of patients/co-workers, respecting their dignity, privacy, and differences.
  • Completes educational modules in a timely manner through the Advanced Learning System.
  • Attends mandatory in-services and other mandatory competencies required by JC and ISBH. Maintains awareness and follows Joint Commission regulations and participates in Joint Commission tracers.
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