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  • Location FORT WAYNE, IN (RediMed/Business Health)
    Part Time
  • Department Clinic #8 - Physician A
  • Field Radiology & Imaging
  • Part Time

Job Description

Minimal Acceptable Job Qualifications
Licensure: Current AART certification required
Experience: One year clinical experience preferred
Education: High school diploma or equivalent and graduation from and accredited school of radiology required
Other: CPR beneficial


Takes and develops x-rays as ordered by provider.
Monitors and notifies provider of x-ray discrepancies.
Ensures that provider completes an accurate history or patient complaint with the x-ray.
Maintains x-ray log and other x-ray record keeping.
Interviews patients, measures vital signs and accurately documents patient information on record. Initiates, completes
and directs paperwork (industrial, physical therapy orders and referrals) and schedules rechecks or appointments for
industrial patients and government employees as needed. Follows company protocols with industrial patients and
government employees.
Prepares treatment rooms for examination of patients, as well as preparing patients for appropriate treatment
procedures. Maintains a clean and orderly work area, including patient exam rooms. Sterilizes equipment and supplies.
Performs lab duties, maintains lab records and quality control testing to meet all accrediting bodies’ requirements.
Assures provider of all lab results, accurately documents “send out” labs. Performs waived testing according to protocol,
performs urine dips, drug screen collections and BAT testing.
Draws blood from patient’s finger or vein, observing principles of asepsis to obtain blood samples.
Performs and assists with procedures and splint application, wound care and dressings as ordered by provider.
Performs treatments as order by provider. Completes and accurately documents procedures and splint applications as
Facilitates work flow and prioritizes patient care and non-patient care duties. Triages patients to determine
appropriate levels of care.
Uses emergency equipment (EKG, defibrillator and oxygen) when necessary.

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