Senior Data Engineer (GCP)

  • Location FRANKLIN, TN (CHS Corporate)
    Full Time
  • Department Data Intel & Bus Analytic
  • Field Information Technology
  • Location FRANKLIN, TN (CHS Corporate)

  • Department Data Intel & Bus Analytic

  • Field Information Technology

  • Full Time

Job Description

Community Health Systems is one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. Developing and operating healthcare delivery systems in 41 distinct markets across 15 states, CHS is committed to helping people get well and live healthier. CHS operates 74 acute-care hospitals and more than 1,000 other sites of care, including physician practices, urgent care centers, freestanding emergency departments, occupational medicine clinics, imaging centers, cancer centers and ambulatory surgery centers.


The Senior Data Engineer (GCP) of the Data Intelligence and Business Analysis Team provides technical support to maintain a data warehouse and analytics environment to serve new purposes or improve workflows. In addition, they test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems in Big Data and Google cloud platform.

Responsible for the operations, maintenance and development for all systems related to CHS Data Services, including the EDW, GCP, data marts, etc. Administers, provides support, expands and modifies systems to serve existing or new purposes or to improve workflow. In addition, test, maintain, monitor computer programs and systems including coordinating the installation of computer programs and systems related to Data Services.

The team is focused on managing the information of EMR, EHR and financial data from acquisition to ingestion, storage and the provisioning of data to points of impact by modernizing and enabling new capabilities. Information value is enhanced through enterprise-scale applications that enable visualization, consumption and monetization of both structured and unstructured data. Big data is becoming one of the most important technology trends that have the potential for dramatically changing the way organizations use information to enhance the customer experience and transform their business models.


  • Administer GCP Systems:
    • Oversee and optimize Business Intelligence and data service systems within GCP, and play an active role in the platform’s management.
  • GCP Analysis and Review:
    • Scrutinize reporting implementations within GCP, ensuring optimal performance and timely problem resolution.
  • Collaborate on GCP Initiatives:
    • Work synergistically with different teams to address GCP-related information processing and capacity planning.
  • Provide GCP User Assistance:
    • Offer essential support to users, ensuring the efficient and productive use of GCP applications, along with comprehensive training and problem resolution.
  • Ensure GCP Compliance:
    • Maintain adherence to relevant policies and procedures within GCP operations.
  • Design GCP-Based Databases:
    • Develop OLAP databases within GCP for extensive multi-dimensional data analysis.
  • Implement GCP Data Warehousing Solutions:
    • Integrate data from diverse sources within GCP, underlining the efficiency and enhancing organizational performance.


Educational Qualification: Bachelors Degree 

  • Professional Experience:
    • 3 years in Information Technology, with experience in GCP and Big Data Processing Frameworks.
  • GCP Expertise:
    • Proficient in GCP tools and services with a solid understanding and experience in data platforms.
  • Experience in designing GCP-based OLAP databases.
    • Familiarity with Python, XML, JSON/JavaScript, and Hadoop ecosystem tools within GCP environments.
  • Additional Skills:
    • Clear and concise oral and written communication skills.
      Previous experience in a healthcare environment is a plus.
  • Contribute substantially by enhancing our GCP platforms, ensuring top-tier customer experience and the evolution of our business models.

Physical Demands:
In order to successfully perform this job, with or without a reasonable accommodation, the following are outlined below:

  1. The Employee is required to read, review, prepare and analyze written data and figures, using a PC or similar, and should possess visual acuity.
  2. The Employee may be required to occasionally climb, push, stand, walk, reach, grasp, kneel, stoop, and/or perform repetitive motions.
  3. The Employee is not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions and; therefore, job functions are typically performed under conditions such as those found within general office or administrative work.
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