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Job Description

 The Scheduling Specialist expectation is responsible for accurate data collection, scheduling and pre-registration of all patients presenting for services. Follows established procedures for scheduling the patient to the appropriate department/facility, pre-registration of scheduled patients, verifying coverage through third party payers and investigation of benefits payable efficiently and timely. All duties and responsibilities are to be performed with outstanding customer service. Professional in communication. The Scheduling Specialist is expected to work collaboratively with all external and internal customers to maintain a positive outcome for all La Porte and Starke Hospital.

General Responsibilities: 

  • Schedule patients to the standard of encounters of 40-45 patients, daily. Monitors the call light to assure no abandoned calls occur. Abandoned Call Rate Standard of 10 or less. Follow up with voice mail messages timely. Surveillance/observation of phone calls may be monitored for quality purposes.
  • Explains and knowledgeable of payment procedures and assists in collection of co-payment and deduction. Utilizing Revspring, MDsave and Financial Assistance, prior to patient’s arrival date.
  • Pre-register the patient with accurate data collection, insurance verification and inform patient of co-pay and deductibles. Pre-registration to be 96% of scheduled patients, is the expectation.
  • Receives orders from physician for patient prior to testing. Verifies accuracy of orders before sending to the ancillary departments.
  • Confidentiality – Maintains at all times the confidentiality of any member or employee private, financial, or personal health information, records and data to which there is access. Views, uses, discloses or provides access to such information only for reasons minimally necessary to perform duties.
  • Responsible for gathering accurate and complete information for the billing and collection process. Meet or exceed the registration accuracy of 96% or greater monthly and consistently.
  • Communicates detailed prep of test to physician, physician office staff, nursing staff, or patient by verbal or utilizing the Test Facts when appropriate. Must be sure to read the scheduling guidelines to assure accurate scheduling, each time.
  • Follows the Cash Policy/Procedure and the requirements of compliance/guidelines. Monitors devices daily per protocol.
  • Listen carefully to patients needs and works with appropriate department to meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Willing to cover all shifts if needed.
  • Answers the telephone within two rings, in a professional manner. Maintains a clean professional office environment.
  • Performs all duties and responsibilities with outstanding customer service always with a smile. Participates in mandatory staff meetings and educational offerings, timely.
  • Register/pre-register 25-30 patients, daily.
  • Flexible and will to adjust hours on demands of the organization/customer during special occasions, Mass Casualty, Downtime, etc.
  • Flexible and will to adjust hours on demands of the organization/customer during special occasions, Mass Casualty, Downtime, etc.
  • Acquires appropriate pre-certification determination information for all required services. Contact third party payers by telephone or computer system to determine benefit eligibility. Monitors and verifies insurance coverage for all accounts listed on the Outpatient Exceptions Report for timely billing.
  • Commitment in completing the ACL’s class offerings timely.
  • Commitment to Purpose and Community Cares Standards of Behavior - Demonstrates a commitment to the organization's mission, vision and values supporting organizational decisions and behaviors. Contributes to the development and implementation of systems and processes ensuring strategic goal attainment. Actively participates, models and supports work aligned with the five pillars (Quality, Service, People, Finance, and Growth). Actively participates, models, and supports positive behaviors and transparent communications.
  • Developing Expertise - Takes action to continue to develop and acquire new expertise that is of increasing value to the organization
  • Relationships, Conversation and Collaboration - Works as part of a team with others, and shows respect and values diversity toward others.
  • Service Orientation - Demonstrates efforts to discovering, meeting and advocating for the customer's needs. Actively participates to improve the patient experience.
  • Excellence Orientation - Takes actions to continually improve quality and safety in daily work. Actively participates in improving work processes to meet and exceed customer requirements. Identifies opportunities for improvement based on process observation, outcome measures, and feedback from patients and other customers. Reports errors in a timely and appropriate manner. Takes initiative and is accountable for areas of responsibility meeting regulatory requirements including but not limited to maintaining annual TB testing, completing annual mandatories, and maintaining current registration/certification/licensures as appropriate to position requirements.
  • Problem Solving - The ability to understand a situation by breaking it apart into smaller pieces or tracing the implications in a step-by-step way.
  • Initiative - The identification of a problem, obstacle, or opportunity and proactively taking action to address current or future problems/opportunities.
  • Impact and Influence - The ability to persuade, convince, influence, or impress others (individuals or groups) in order to get them to go along with or to support one's opinion or position. The key is to understand others, since Impact and Influence is based on the desire to have a specific impact or effect on others.
  • Organizational Awareness - The ability to understand and learn the influence relationships in one's own organization or in other organizations (e.g., key stakeholders, suppliers, etc.). This includes the ability to identify who the real decision makers are; the individuals who can influence them; and to predict how new events or situations will affect individuals and groups within the organization.
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